stemwell workshop


Stemwell Workshop was founded by Charlotte Llewellyn in 2016. 


With a background in fashion design and a lifelong love of cloth and craft, Charlotte has turned to quilting to further her practise.


Taught by her mother and inspired by years spent in Texas, she has embraced traditional quilting techniques with its repetition of geometric forms, and the intimate quality and texture achieved with hand stitching. 


Her goal is to connect traditional process with contemporary life, with the focus on sustainability and craftsmanship.


All fabric is 100% cotton or linen, reclaimed or vintage where possible, each piece with a history of its own.


The cloth is then naturally dyed in her studio in South East London, using plants organically grown or locally foraged.


Each quilt is machine pieced, layered with cotton batting, then entirely hand quilted and bound. 


By honouring the tradition of patchwork quilting as storytelling, Charlotte endeavours to breathe new life into old cloth, hoping to continue the narrative. 


Taking inspiration from the world around her, the quilts are objects of beauty and function, intended to be passed from generation to generation.